Remote Training

Effective Workouts On-Demand

Bored of the gym? Frustrated by spiralling membership fees and diminishing value? Your 'home gym' is waiting for you, thanks to tech-based disruption of the fitness industry! We give you complete access to our video library for on-demand streaming of instructional videos, for each exercise in your remote training programme. Exercise when you want, where you want. All of our remote programmes come with an assigned MFL coach, who will optimise your nutrition and monitor your progress through regular, motivating voice or video check-ins.

At Home with the Kids or Away

Remote on-demand training provides our mums with the same expertise and instruction as they would have during a face-to-face session, without the fuss of having to travel to the gym, exercise in public or arrange childcare. An internet connection and the desire for change is all that is required! And travelling abroad is no excuse!

A New You in Only 20 Minutes Daily

Yes it's change for 20 minutes a day. Our brief yet effective bodyweight workout programmes easily slot into your daily schedule and can safely build strength, later made more challenging through progression to high intensity workouts. High calorie and high fat-burning exercises in the comfort of your home and no need to leave the baby with the childminder.